Uberchic HOLOGRAPHIC Nail Stamp Storage Binder *NEW*

Uberchic HOLOGRAPHIC Nail Stamp Storage Binder *NEW*


One word: Holo-tasty 😉 We decided to make a folder system as versatile as your plate collection. For those that are in love with order – get our all new ring binder nail stamp plate storage system! Do you like things alphabetized only to add another plate and throw it all off? Do you have collections 1 and 3 neatly stored away only to add collection 2 and need to reorder everything? We’ve got you covered! Our exclusive Holographic Nail Stamp Binder organizes all your big plates in complete style! It’s got 17 ultra-clear pages so you can easily see and access all your designs! That means you can store up to 34 nail stamp plates! What?! Yea, we are pretty excited about it too. 😉 Up your organizational game and get our all new Holo plate binder today!

Quick Facts:

  • Holds up to 34 of our plates (Single and Collection size)
  • 17 ultra-clear pages that can be re-organized in a click!

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