Due to the fragile nature of this stamper it is recommended that you be extra careful with how you handle and store it.
Please ensure that you use a light rolling motion, barely touching the plate.
You must not use any acetone, remover as this will destroy the stamper. Again, these stampers do not require any form of priming, therefore do not use a file as this will split the stamper. You can however, wash them in soapy water (like fairy liquid) and let them dry naturally. To clean them in between stamping, use a lint free roller or sellotape only.
All stampers have been thoroughly inspected by 2 members of staff and no faults have been found, therefore we are unable to issue refunds/replacements if your stamper splits through misuse.

This set includes the following:

1 x translucent holder with Nail-Artisan logo

2 x clear heads (squishy firm) size 3.8 cms

1 x plastic scraper with Nail-Artisan logo