Mini Cure LED Flashlight

Introducing the Mini Cure LED Flashlight for a mighty nice cure! If you don’t want to use your regular LED/UV light every time you need to cure a design – try out our little LED flashlight for a quick and easy way to cure each finger’s stamped designs as you go.

  •  Best for use with our Stamping Gel Polish ONLY. (Trying to cure regular/color Gel Polish layers is not recommended since they are so much thicker than a Stamping Gel Design.)
  •  We recommend 60 seconds for a full cure of each Stamping Gel Polish design.
  •  Do NOT look directly into LED light.
  •  Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  •  Do not use in a bathroom with the lights off…you may be really sad at what you find that isn’t clean…avoid hotel use for that matter too.