Embroidered Patches but in a nail design? Sounds weird but is a trend you will love it!!!   #Patches were totally cool in the 90’s!  And they are making a comeback this year! With this cool and fun plate, you will really say “Oh my Patch!”

We included 2 images for a perfect denim texture you can use as a background for any of the patch images in the plate!!!

What are you waiting for to create a look that will truly set you apart from the crowd!

• 100% brand new stamping plate size 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm  with high quality stainless steel and high polish finish with a back sticker to smooth edges.
• Lina Stamping Plates contain 24 different and unique designs (size: 1.7 cm x 2.2 cm) plus 15 of small irregular images. Each plate contains images with specific theme.
• Easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail artists. Etched deep enough to hold enough polish for a beautiful opaque stamping result.
• The designs are engraved on the image plates and can be used over and over again – never wearing out!.