Dusk Till Dawn Collection is a collection of 6 multichrome polishes. This includes 3 dark shades and 3 light shades. Full description under each individual polish.

The full set of 6 polishes includes:

Coral Me Not!

Dawned on Me

Sun Salutation

Elusive Twilight


Witching Hour

2 coats depending on application.

All hand blended polishes are 10-free, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

10ml bottles

Swatched by @_silver_tabby_ @lil_nail_fiend @tbellew18 @polishedbyleanne @loopyfrog @thelazylacquerist @fairytalesnails

Swatches show polishes with “Matte For It! and “I Like It On Top! matte and glossy top coats.

Swatchers also used our vitamin base coat “I Give Good Base!”

Full list of ingredients used available here