Detail Brush pack:

You’ve seen Mitty nail art brushes, you’ve seen the reviews by some of the biggest Instagram and Youtube channels out there. Mitty brushes has been a huge success hit of Instagram and Youtube.  Mitty is super excited to introduce our detail brushes, possibly the best quality detail brushes available. Mitty brushes have the reputation of premium quality, and these detail brushes deliver. If you want to do detailed nail art designs you need Mitty detail brushes.

The ultimate detail brush pack. This pack includes detail brush Peachy #000, detail brush Candy #00, detail brush Minty #0, & detail brush Daisy 1.0. Plus you get the exclusive Mitty bag to keep your brushes in……whooohoooo. Everything you could ever need to design Super detailed  nail art, or fine detailed drawings on your nails. Have fun, feel great, design amazing nail art with Mitty.

Detail Brushes:

These detailed brushes have  tiny bristles, each with a different length.The bristles are the highest quality possible, you cannot get any better. You can create beautifully thin lines, with amazing detail. The body is made from responsibly grown Cyprus Pine, so its light weight. The body is ideally sized so it fits perfectly in your hand, its ideally balanced, all adding up to a great feel when designing detailed nail art, making it so  easy to maintain the highest accuracy while detailing. Plus these brushes looks awesome…..cute Peach, Mint, Candy, & Daisy colours

How to use your  Detail Nail Art Brushes:

Drawing  detailed designs on your nails doesn’t need to be difficult. Everyone can draw, you just need a Mitty detailed brush.

Dip the top of the brush hair into nail polish, remove the excess polish and create your designs. A hint, pour a little nail polish onto some baking paper, that way you can easily control the amount you use

These detailed brushed are designed to help. So you can do lots of shapes, lines, people, flowers, or really awesome scenery designs, you can draw like a professional . Just a hint, if you apply  Flawless Finish first  you will have basically no clean up required, you can really get your mess on.

Cleaning your Detail brushes:

The premium quality bristles can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover.
Always clean your brush immediately after use. (So don’t let the polish dry….OK)
We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Keeping your brushes clean:

Poor a gentle nail polish remover into a glass and dip your brush into the liquid. we suggest using non acetone nail polish remover.

Immediately dry your brush with paper towel to remove the excess nail polish remover.

Repeat as needed until the brush is clean.

Add nourishing organic cuticle oil to keep the hair super soft.

Shape your brush with your hand.

Once a week:

Wash your brush with warm soapie water and then add nourishing organic cuticle oil to keep the hair super soft. Cuticle oil is protects your brush bristles from getting dried.

Always put the lids back on, this will ensure the shape of the hair of your nail art brushes stays as it.


Clean your brushes immediately after use. ( So don’t let the polish dry…..ok)

Never leave your brush in the nail polish remover.

Don’t use an acetone polish remover.