You will also receive a complimentary dish and spoon, courtesy of Nail-Artisan as an introduction offer and only while stocks last.

Classy Sassy is a jet black crystal.

Create amazing CRYSTALPIXIE nails with Swarovski Crystals. Each 5gr of CRYSTALPIXIE last for approximately 25 nail applications.

→Transparent acrylic bottle with 5 grams of CRYSTALPIXIE
→30 Swarovski Flat Backs in 3 colours (on transfer foil)
→Funnel (to pour back exceeding crystal)
→Warning Leafet
→Product Instructions & Application Leaflet
→Size: 8x6x3cm

→Apply two base layers of nail polish
→Pour Swarovski CRYSTALPIXIE over the wet nail polish
→Pixie will sink into the moist nail polish
→Gently press and compact the Pixie into the nail bed
→Scrape off the exceeding Pixie from the nail rim with the finger to obtain clean edges
→Let polish dry – Pixie will stick onto the nail polish
→Apply top coat to the edges of the CRYSTALPIXIE decoration

→Make sure you hold the finger over a tray in order to catch all the exceeding Swarovski CRYSTALPIXIE
→Use the funnel provided in the package to pour the exceeding CRYSTALPIXIE back into the bottle.
→In order to secure maximum brilliance of CRYSTALPIXIE we recommend not to apply topcoat to the entire nail – apply top coat only to seal the edges and prevent erosion.
→For creating patterns use adhesive tape as a stencil – paint inside the stencil with the coloured or transparent nail polish and apply CRYSTALPIXIE
→If your CRYSTALPIXIE decoration gets damaged you can try to correct by applying polish and CRYSTALPIXIE only on the affected spot – rather than removing the entire design.