True story: our Colorado Rockies’ (our baseball team here in Colorado) mascot is a dinosaur…and that is because when they were digging the stadium they found dino bones! That is actually the most I know about our beloved baseball team – but I do know that there are many MANY people out there that live and breathe this awesome American pastime! So here’s to you lovelies that enjoy a good game – we hope we hit a home run with you! 

Technical Stuff: The size of this plate is 6 cm by 12 cm. Most designs are 17 x 21 mm and are built to cover edge-to-edge on even the largest natural nail size. Small nails left out? Never! Our designs are crafted to not be so overwhelming or large that you can’t see what is on your nail – even if it’s tiny!

The designs are engraved on high quality stainless steel and can be used over and over again – never wearing out.

Our nail art designs can be applied using nail polish, stamper and scraper.